Webinar Topics

2018 Ag & Natural Resources Income Tax Webinar Topics (Tentative)

Ag and horticultural cooperatives (including application of the new QBI deduction with an example and calculations)

TCJA excess business loss disallowance rule replaces limit on excess farm loss

(include carryover as NOL example and coordination with PAL rules)

TCJA new depreciation period for farm equipment and machinery

Depreciation of farm property

New rules on depreciation methods (150% DB)

New requirement to use ADS

Expensing costs to replace citrus plants lost due to casualty

Oil and gas working interests and royalty interests

Farm income averaging

Hardwood timber tax issues


Hobby losses (include review of case facts and how to prepare for an audit)

Form 4797


Involuntary Conversion

Mitigation Credits

Form 4562


Non-cash Transactions



Entity Issues

Case Study/Forms