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Ohio House and Senate differ on CAUV property tax relief

Responding to concerns about potential increases in Ohio property taxes, the Senate passed House Bill 187 (HB 187) this week to provide some relief from property tax hikes.  That relief, however, affects only the Ohio homestead exemption.  The Senate removed provisions the House had passed in HB 187 offering relief on other property taxes, including Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) taxes.  The House and Senate differences mean the CAUV adjustments originally in HB 187 are currently at a standstill.

Ohio statehouse and lawn

Open burning restrictions lift December 1, but don’t get burned by the laws

With the warm, dry, and windy months of October and November behind us, Ohio farmers will soon have legal clearance to conduct open burning during the daylight hours.  Ohio law prohibits all open burning from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. during October and November, and then again in March, April, and May.  That’s because ground cover and weather conditions create high fire risk and volunteer firefighters with daytime jobs aren’t readily available to fight the fires. 

Pile of tree limbs burning in open farm field

Calculate Long-Term Care Risks

Legal Groundwork

One of the biggest risks to the continuation of family farms is potential Long-Term Care (LTC) costs.  On average, about two-thirds of us will need some type of LTC during our lives.  The average nursing home in Ohio costs around $100,000/year.  A few years in a nursing home can put severe strain on the finances of a farming operation.


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