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Solar Leasing for Agricultural Lands Webinar on April 4

March 30, 2018

Solar power is rapidly growing across the U.S.and agricultural landowners are being approached with leases to provide land for solar projects.  It can be difficult for a landowner to know where to start in evaluating whether a solar energy lease is right for the farm or ranch operatiIIon.  This free webinar on Wednesday, April 4 at noon EST by Professor Shannon Ferrell of Oklahoma State University will remove some of the mystery about what is required for a successful solar energy project read more .  Dr. Ferrell will explain terms that often appear in a solar energy lease and how to evaluate the impact a solar project may have on agricultural land uses.  The seminar will include checklists and ideas to help participants evaluate leases and will also introduce the National Agricultural Law Center’s new Solar Energy Leasing Guide.  This seminar is a project of the Agricultural & Food Law Consortium, an agricultural law research and outreach partnership that includes Ohio State University's Agricultural & Resource Law Program.  Go to this link for webinar information and for an archived recording of this and other Consortium webinars.