OSU Ag & Resource Law Program to Create the Ohio Land Use Academy

July 30, 2014

OSU's Agricultural & Resource Law Program has received a grant from the Ohio State Bar Foundation to establish the Ohio Land Use Law Academy in 2015.  The Ohio Land Use Law Academy will prepare local officials in Ohio townships and counties to make land use decisions that are equitable and based in law.  Through the Academy, local officials will gain a foundational knowledge in land use law by participating in a sequence of basic “core” classes on Ohio planning and zoning law available at no cost through an Ohio State University website.  Over time, the Academy will also house a series of fee-based “advanced” courses on additional land use law topics. 

This grant from the Ohio State Bar Foundation will help us fulfill an unmet need in Ohio.  So many of Ohio's elected and apponted township and county officials face difficult land use decisions without any education in land use law.  The Ohio Land Use Academy will provide our local officials with knowledge that will help them make these difficult decisions.