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Agricultural Law Program Welcomes Chris Hogan as Second Law Fellow

Feb. 21, 2017

We're pleased to welcome Chris Hogan as our second Law Fellow with the Agricultural & Resource Law Program.  Funded through our partnership with the Agricultural & Food Law Consortium administered by the National Agricultural Law Center, Chris will conduct legal research and outreach projects on state and federal issues in agriculture.  

Chris is a recent graduate of West Virginia University College of Law, where he received his Juris Doctor in 2016.  An Ohio native, Chris earned his History with a minor in Agribusiness from The Ohio State University in 2012.  While an undergraduate student, Chris coordinated a shale gas landowner education grant for the Agricultural & Resource Law Program.  The son of OSU Extension Educators, Chris graduated from Carrollton High School and gained a strong interest in agriculture through 4-H and time working on Christmas tree farms in eastern Ohio.   

Chris will be responsible for several legal research projects, including an examination of Limited Liability Company (LLC) statutes across the nation, the use of LLCs for agriculture and a comparative analysis of property tax assessment laws for agricultural land in the Midwestern farm states.  Chris will also work on outreach projects in landowner liability, property law, business organizations, taxation, and estate planning.