1. Ohio Department of Agriculture photo of hemp plants

    Legal or not? New Law Bulletin addresses growing industrial hemp in Ohio

    Sep 6, 2019

    There's a lot of buzz these days about growing hemp as an agricultural crop, but it's not yet legal to do so in Ohio.  We've written a new law bulletin to explain the status of federal and state laws on hemp.  Read the law bulletin here, and be sure to follow the Ohio Ag Law Blog to learn when it will be legal to begin growing and processing hemp in Ohio.

  2. Image of youth by Ohio State University CFAES

    Trying to understand youth labor laws for farms? We can help!

    Aug 26, 2019

    Our newest Law Bulletin tackles a tricky topic:  labor laws that apply to youth working on farms.  Make sure you know the rules, which we explain in Youth Labor on the Farm:  Laws Farmers Need to Know, available here.

  3. Check out our new Farmland Owner's Guide to Solar Leasing

    Aug 14, 2019

    Large scale solar development is on the rise and so is solar leasing.  With support from USDA and the National Agricultural Law Center, we've written a guide to help farmland owners decide if leasing farmland for solar energy is a good decision for the farm and family.  Check out the guide here, and go here for our solar leasing checklist.