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Solar Development in Ohio Webinar 1

The first webinar in a five-part series that addresses the current state of solar development in Ohio. In this webinar on Solar Development Overview and Trends,  we'll discuss solar industry and technology trends, dual use of land for solar energy and agriculture, and current community and regulatory issues in Ohio solar development.

The remaining webinars in the series include:

May 24: Leasing Land for Solar Development

  • Pre-leasing considerations, solar lease phases, common legal terms, and best management practices for leasing.

May 25: Connecting to the Electric Grid

  • Overview of the electric utility system, regulatory jurisdiction, and interconnection procedures and timelines.

May 30: Solar Project Approval in Ohio

  • Solar project application procedures, state oversight, and new laws allowing county and township oversight of solar development.

May 31: Construction and Post-Construction

  • The construction process, common issues, regulatory oversight, and decommissioning a project in the future.

Register once and attend one, some, or all webinars in the series.  Find recordings of all webinars in our Energy Law Library at