Mediation as a Problem Solving Tool for Farmers and Agribusinesses

Operating an agricultural enterprise in today’s uncertain economic climate is both operationally challenging and personally taxing. Having to make complex business decisions while maintaining relationships with employees, business partners, neighbors, suppliers, creditors, and regulators, farmers are constantly having to solve problems.  Mediation has been shown to be a helpful tool when making plans for the future or managing important relationships.  Mediators have been helping farmers solve these problems for more than 35 years in a way that ensures confidentiality and allows producers to maintain their autonomy and independence.

This free webinar, offered by our partners at the National Agricultural Law Center, will help farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural producers, as well as attorneys and others who help support the agricultural community, learn about:

  • The range of situations in which mediation has been proven to helpful problem solving tool including emerging COVID-19 related issues
  • How mediation works and what to expect from your mediator
  • 40 State Agricultural Mediation Programs available to you