Ethics Webinar with Melinda Garvin

Finally! An interactive, educational Ethics training that has you learning from real-life scenarios. Melinda’s teaching style will keep you involved as you participate in webinar activities focused on relevant situations.

Find out exactly what your requirements are per Cir 230 and ethical behavior required by the IRS. Learn what to look for in your office so that any non-compliance or weak areas can be corrected before the upcoming tax season.

What would you do if your office got audited? You’ll learn from other tax professionals who have encountered audits and find out what you need to do to pass.

Don’t miss one of the most informative Ethics sessions available. It is free and only offered to OSU Income Tax School registrants. Join Melinda for a fun, interactive training.

Participants completing the two-hour Ethics Webinar will qualify for the following continuing education credits:

  • Accountancy Board of Ohio (2 hours)
  • IRS Office of Professional Responsibility (2 hours)

Tax school attendees receive a 50% discount on our Ethics webinar.