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The Farm Insurance Policy: Unique Assets and Activities

By:Robert Moore, Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Legal Groundwork

In the final installment of the farm insurance series, we look at unique activities and/or assets that may not be covered by a typical farm policy.  Most farm policies will automatically cover traditional farming activities and assets related to crop and livestock production.  However, many farming operations include assets or activities that may be non-traditional and thus not covered by the farm policy.

Below is a list of farm activities and farm assets that may not be covered by standard farm policies. Each of these activities and assets are a source of liability exposure. Farmers can review this list and identify any asset or activity that may apply to their farming operation.  Then, the list can be provided to their insurance agent to ensure that the farm has full liability protection.  Almost any asset or activity can be covered with the addition of an endorsement to the farm policy. 

  • Agritourism
  • Aircraft application of pesticide/fertilizer (own or custom)
  • Aircraft for personal use
  • ATV/side x side/recreational vehicle
  • Barns and structures that are not currently being used
  • Confined animals
  • Custom application of pesticides or fertilizer
  • Custom farm operations such as planting or harvesting
  • Drones – scouting
  • Drones – application of pesticides/seed
  • Embryos stored or in recipient animal
  • Exotic or non-domesticated animals
  • Farm Markets
  • FFA/4-H Projects
  • Hauling crops, goods or cargo for others
  • Holding products for customers after payment (seed, hay, inputs)
  • Horse boarding, riding or training services
  • Hunting leases or other paid recreational uses
  • Leasing buildings or structures to others
  • Non-owned livestock
  • Off-premises use of ATV/recreational vehicles
  • Oil/gas wells
  • Ponds with docks, diving boards
  • Pick-Your-Own
  • Portable buildings or structures
  • Pulling tractor/truck
  • Purchased feed/seed/inputs purchased but not picked up/delivered
  • Radio or TV Antennas
  • Rental property
  • Rental of grain bins
  • Sale or production of food or other consumable goods
  • Solar panels
  • Swimming pool
  • Tractor shows/parades
  • Tours (paid or unpaid)
  • Using borrowed equipment
  • Using rented equipment
  • Unoccupied houses
  • Valuable refrigerated or frozen products
  • Valuable or important information on computers
  • Watercraft
  • Wind turbines
  • Website or online presence that collects money or stores customer information.
  • Other____________________
  • Other____________________
  • Other____________________