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Ohio's Agritourism Law

Farm Animals and People: Liability Issues for Agritourism

Food Sales at Agritourism Operations: Legal Issues

Agritourism Immunity Laws in the United States

Agritousim Activities and Zoning

Agritourism and Insurance


Farmland Owner's Guide to Solar Leasing

Facing the Possibility of Leasing for Shale Gas Development

Income Tax Management of Oil and Gas Lease Payments

Oil and Gas Pipeline Easement Checklist

Testing Private Water Sources Near Oil and Gas Development

Farm Leasing

Farmland Owner's Guide to Solar Leasing

The Farmland Owner's Solar Leasing Checklist

Creating an Enforceable Farmland Lease

Legal Aspects of Ohio Farmland Leases

Leasing Your Land for Hunting

Protecting Your Interests in a Verbal Farm Lease

What's in Your Farmland Lease? A Checklist of Farm Lease Provisions


Vendor's Licenses and Sales Taxes at Ohio Farmers Markets

Ohio's Cottage Food Law

Selling Foods at the Farm: When Do You Need a License?

Selling Eggs in Ohio:  Marketing and Regulations

Legally Selling Your Baked Goods at a Farmers Market

Ohio's Home Bakery License: What's Required?

Sampling Home Based Food Products: Keeping Producers Responsible

Nuisance/Lawsuit Defenses for Agriculture

Laws that Provide Defenses for Agricultural Production Activities

Property and Premises Liability

Do's and Don'ts of Dealing with Trespassers on the Farm

Ohio's Line Fence Law: Frequently Asked Questions

Okay to Play:  Ohio's Recreational User Statute Limits Liability for Hunters, Snowmobilers, and More

Leasing Your Land for Hunting

Ohio's Noxious Weed Laws

Ponds and Legal Liability in Ohio

Surface Water Drainage Rights

Timber Theft in Ohio


Rules of the Road for Farm Machinery


The New FAA Rule for Using Drones on the Farm